Why lee jong hyun and gong seung yeon left we got married suddenly?

After only 5 months of virtual marriage, Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon left We Got Married suddenly, netizens are curious with the sudden leave because they were on the peak of their virtual marriage và closer than ever. Many are speculating the possibility of them having real attraction with each other hence they decided lớn leave the show. When I read the article, I rolled my eyes & sighed. Can we please stop the delusional thoughts for once? Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon might seemed close và very lovey-dovey but WGM is a virtual marriage show for heaven sake, they are being paid khổng lồ act lượt thích that with each other.

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Jong Hyun & Seung Yeon are both actors và understand very well how they must act in this show, not khổng lồ mention the writer and PD also guided them with the concept. In my opinion, Jongyeon couple is blatantly fake, their vibe is similar to lớn Nam Goong MinHong Jin Young couple. Yes they are being lovey-dovey & overly sweet with each other but it’s all just an act, both are working hard to lớn entertain us a a sweet couple and I respect them for that.

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And don’t get me wrong, I like this couple but the probability of them dating in real life is definitely zero.

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They might follow each other’s Instagram and said they are friends outside the show but in reality they probably just meet around 8 times for the whole show. Other than khổng lồ train these actor’s acting skill, WGM is also a great vehicle khổng lồ increase their popularity và it works very well for Seung Yeon, I believe I saw lots of her face lately even in a shopping mall of my country, I think she became the face of a new Korean cosmetic brand or something. Jong Hyun is popular already with CNBLUE but he often overshadowed by the other members like Yong Hwa hence the WGM stint is his chance lớn shine as an individual. He is indeed a charming & talented guy.

Anyway, I think it’s not strange for a WGM couple lớn leave suddenly, it happened often before and the show’s rating is pretty bad hence the PD just decided to địa chỉ a new couple khổng lồ spice things up. Jongyeon couple is sweet & entertaining but I feel bored after several episodes, Jong Hyun obviously tried to reenact the cheesy lines from Song Jae Rim, however it gets repetitive after a while. They are still a beautiful couple though, their visual is daebak! I wish all the best for their future works. What bởi vì you think about this couple? fake or real deal?