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Petrol retailers demand major changes

Retail petroleum businesses have asked khổng lồ stop contributing lớn the petrol price stabilisation fund, increasing the commission lớn reduce losses and permanently withdrawing the licence of unprofitable retailers.

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quang quẻ Ninh starts work on large industrial factory complex
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Decree details conditions for granting registration certificates to lớn foreign NGOs
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Le quang đãng Liem reaches world highest ranking

Grandmaster Le quang quẻ Liem has reached his best world ranking as he enters top 20 strongest chess players in September.
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Cost-cutting measures aid debt drop

Vietnam is witnessing a strong reduction in its public debt following its close control of the issue, with the government exercising a stringent policy on increasing revenues & reducing expenditures. global

cha Dinh Square hosts flag raising ceremony to mark National Day

A flag-raising ceremony was held on September 1 in bố Dinh Square in Hanoi khổng lồ commemorate the 77th anniversary of National Day, an sự kiện which first took place on September 2, 1945.
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10 reasons why Son Doong Cave is one of the world’s great wonders

The Oxalis Adventures has given 10 reasons why Son Doong Cave in the central province of quang quẻ Binh is one of the world’s great wonders, with the site being one that all travelers should visit at least once in their lives. global

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Big opportunity for Vietnam khổng lồ welcome new FDI wave

Many indicators show that Vietnam has opportunities for large-scale foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. However, this will depend on Vietnam"s policy response.
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Striker Nhu makes history as first Vietnamese female player going abroad

Huynh Nhu has officially signed a contract with Portuguese side Lank FC Vilaverdense, making a turning point for Viet Nam"s football history as the Vietnamese player competing abroad.
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Vietnam’s seafood exporters suffering with euro fluctuation

Following exchange fluctuations, Vietnamese seafood exporters are now faced with catastrophic changes in their orders, forcing them to lower export prices or find other solutions khổng lồ stay competitive in the long run.
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Order cuts put brakes on wood enterprises

Profits of many industrial sector companies are slowing down, preventing recovery of the economy, and wood and timber groups are feeling the pinch perhaps more so than others. global

Seven more consecutive earthquakes reported in Kon Tum

A total of seven earthquakes with magnitudes between 2.7 & 4.1 on the Richter scale were recorded in Kon Plong District in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum Province on September 1. global

Authorities repatriate over 600 citizens lured to work illegally in Cambodia

The Foreign Ministry and Vietnam’s representative agencies in Cambodia have coordinated with the two countries’ authorities khổng lồ safely repatriate over 600 citizens who had been tricked or lured to Cambodia for illegal work so far.
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Logistics industry’s potential yet lớn be maximised

Vietnam’s logistics industry has yet khổng lồ have its potential fully tapped, & the country needs timely solutions to meet the surging demand for logistics infrastructure. global

Publishers enhance history books to lure readers

As the trend of book collecting becomes popular in Vietnam, many publishing houses have decided to lớn renew & enhance history books in order khổng lồ satisfy readers’ interest in collecting these kinds of books.
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