I have watched RunningMan 65th episode, specially inviting Han Ga In as guest star. Han Ga In lately, is a actress roled as a main character in a great drama, named “The Moon that Embraced The Sun”. She got a big hit from that drama. Và RunningMan got this extraordinary guest for this episode.

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GaIn come to lớn RunningMan by a special vehicle. But strangely there ae 2 special vehicles on the spot, one of them is hers, and RunningMan given right to make a choice between those 2 misterious vehicle, to determine the team. They had no idea about only one of them contain guest star. Gary and JaeSuk decide the same choice, and the others lượt thích Jongkook, và friends, choose the other one. Suddenly, special person appeared from vehicle choosen by JongKook’s side. Who is it ? It is just one of the RunningMan crew, unfortunately, not the guest. Dissapointing come to lớn their faces, then. In the other hand, JaeSuk and Gary is feeling really lucky. They make really good deciison, GaIn appear from their side vehicle. All of RunningMan are totally surprised then, amazed, cant hardly believe that the person invited as guest star is HanGaIn. “A really beautiful guest…”, they think. About the main theme of this episode, is ‘Find The Lost Memory khổng lồ Find The First Love’.This episode make a nhái past story, about RunningMan’s chid moment, when they were know each other in elementary school. Illustrated that they always played RunningMan games together, happily. And suddenly the new friend came to lớn RunningMan school, named HanGaIn. After long time played together, they became close khổng lồ each other, & any of them were falling in love. You can guess who was this couple. Monday couple, of course. Gary’s child version, with JiHyo’s child version. Another couple became the mystery, and this is what the mission about, to lớn looking for one couple that in any chance was ever falling in love.

First game supposed lớn be team games, called “Sun Embracess….bla bla”,I little forget,sorry. Yes, it’s adopted from GaIn’s drama. The rule is, one of team’s member throw 3 holahoop lớn the sky, together, & 3 other members have lớn accurately receive those holahoop into their body. Seems lượt thích it is kind of a child game, usually played by Korean people. Because they, RunningMan, mô tả about their kid’s moment for playing this kind of game. A difficult game, definitely. How can holahoop thrown và got into the body. It is really no joke. Both team find difficulties on it. After more than 3 times playing, they over the game, JongKook team is the first, jaesuk the last.In such a huge building, they play second game. Mission is given, then. It tells about the main theme of this episode that i write above. Lớn find the first love, who was falling in love each other, by some hidden clues spread on the whole part of building. After the mysterious couple is identified, the couple have lớn eliminate the other Runningman. In the other hand, “not choosen as Couple” RunningMan, have lớn tear all of RunningMan to lớn win this game.Some clues finally found one by one. Each member find it và then trying lớn identify the mysterious couple from that clue.

1. SukJin find clue about the couple ever follow the talent competition, it means that the first love should be good at dancing & singing.

2. Haha’s first clue is about the birthday party, which is the girl ever kissed her first love that time. Haha notified the important clue which is green shirt wore by a boy. “it should be Jaesuk, the Grasshoper”, He thinked.

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3. Gary’s finding tells about the that boy sometimes used glasses. So it should be Jaesuk, Sukjin, or Haha.

4. The clue found by GwangSoo strongly clear the mystery. It tells that the mysterious boy’s birthday is in August. Only JaeSuk or HaHa is the possibilty.

5. Haha’s second clue makes him so confident, the answer, the first love, is him. That clue tells about moment that the boy ever complained his mother cooking. It is totally his behaviour, praising someone’s cooking and complaining his mother’s. So he immediately look for GaIn & tell everything. GaIn acknowledge that, because Haha wear green clothes too, lượt thích the clue tells about. She tìm kiếm something lớn prove, & she find a sign in his jacket. A paper. There is sentence, “I love you”. Wow , it is really proved !! Haha become so happy, so does GaIn. They make their step to join forces, khổng lồ eliminate other members.

They are success. They have 5 nametags. Then nametags are submitted lớn a board, and suddenly something appear on the ground. A light. They dig it carefully, and find a time capsule. The letter, inside, is taken then. It is about the confession of GaIn’s child version, for she falling to Haha.

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