Have you ever noticed the similaraties between Magic Kaito and Detective Conan? I"ve collected most of the data
. I love TRIVIA after all
!1. Ginzo Nakamori và Kogoro Mouri:

They both looked alike (beside the hairstyles ).They both have somewhat similar second name "Nakamori"
, "Mouri".Both had someway related to the police: Kogoro use to be a police officer - Ginzo is an inspector.

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2. The Pairings: Akako Koizumi -> Kaito Kuroba -> LOVE Aoko Saguru Shiho Miyano -> Shinichi Kudo -> LOVE RanDr. Araide / Eisuke Hondou3. Akako Koizumi và Shiho Miyano:

Both mature (Akako ) & cool types...And both of them are somewhat... EVIL...! Shiho: Ex thành viên of the đen Organization - Akako: Witch.Both of them had someway to do with poisons... Shiho: APTX4869 - Akako: Liquids and witch"s ingridients.Share the same seiyu (Megumi Hayashibara).

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Both had no parents... I don"t know about Akako, really... But they did not show she had any...Akako has feelings for the protagonist (Magic Kaito), Kaito Kuroba... While Shiho has feelings for the protagonist (Detective Conan), Shinichi Kudo. & both protagonists (Shinichi and Kaito) tóm tắt the same seiyu as well (Kappei Yamaguchi).Both are loyal khổng lồ the protagonists (of each show).I don"t know how lớn say it, but... Shiho & Agasa... Akako and the evil butler... Somehow similar... :34. Ran Mouri và Aoko Nakamori:

They looked identical, except for the hairstyles.They both know fighting skills: Ran with her Karate, Akako with... Mops & fish (fish only to lớn Kaito).Both scared of ghosts... (Really? Kaoko...uhm! I mean Aoko...)Their father had someway to bởi with thepolice... Kogoro Mouri: Ex police officer. Ginzo Nakamori: Inspector.Both their fathers looked somehow similar (look above), identical khổng lồ be more precise.Both Ran và Aoko have love interest with the protgonist: Ran -> Shinichi. - Aoko -> Kaito. Whom again cốt truyện the same seiyu: Kappei Yamaguchi.

Both are protagonist...Both looked so identical, except for the hairstyles.Share the same seiyu: Kappei Yamaguchi.
Both had old man as their partners (or rather assistance) which in some kind of way are similar: Shinichi Kudo - Hiroshi Agasa. Kaito Kuroba - Konosuke Jii.
Both have love interests with their childhood friends (look above)... Ahh, okay, okay! Shinichi Kudo - Ran Mouri. Kaito Kuroba - Aoko Nakamori.Both their fathers are famous: Yusaku Kudo as a famous mysery novelist, while Toichi Kuroba is a famous gentlemen thief (or rather, a famous magician).Both Shinichi & Kaito are similar to lớn their father: Toichi used lớn be a unbeatableopponentfor Yusaku... And now for the second generation: Kaito is an unbeatableopponentfor Shinichi... (I wrote it rather lame there...)Both are rather popular in their school: Kaito with his magic, & Shinichi as a famous high school detective.Both had an "organization" to giảm giá khuyến mãi with: Kaito and Snake... Shinichi & the đen Organization.Both have secretidentities. Shinichi Kudo -> (secret ) Conan Edogawa. Kaito Kuroba -> (secret ) Kaitou Kid.Both are targeted.Both are famous.Both are clever... & both of them are very... Sly...!Both are rather popular with girls.Each have a well known unskilled-something: Shinichi - deaf tone... Kaito - very sucks at skating.Haha, I hope you all enjoyed reading this "useless" list
Actually, I"ve written this before, it has buried in DCW threads & post. I thought I would lượt thích to giới thiệu to the world by putting it on my blog :D

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