Trực tiếp bóng đá việt nam và brunei

La Serre

At La Serre, come prepared to lớn be served a breakfast par excellence. You can savour the creamy Greek yoghurt with a topping of nuts and raw Persian honey, to get your dose of calcium, protein, iro... More

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La Pasta

For those craving for some authentic Italian and vegetarian delicacies in Zurich, La Pasta is a perfect option for them. Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant is popular among the loca... More


La Gaetana

​La Gaetana is a beautiful family-run Italian restaurant located on Phuket Road, close to the main town. The place is run by a lovely couple who make sure that diners are comfortable và all thei... More


La Fonte

No city in the world is complete without an excellent Italian restaurant and La Fonte is Zurich’s slice of Italy. For the best thin-crust pizzas topped with oodles of cheese, hearty pastas laden ... More


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La Pergola

La Pergola is one of the best restaurants in Rome if not Italy. Located in Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 in Rome Cavalieri, La Pergola has 3 Michelin stars, a wine cellar with over 60000 bottles, a cho... More


La Carbonara

In Via Panisperna 214, this family-run restaurant opened in 1906 (more than 100 years ago) & since then it has been serving Rome’s staple dishes, including the carbonara. However, the name of t... More

La Quello

Located around Natubhai Circle, the happening part of Race Course Road, La Quello offers Turkish, Egyptian, Greek, Spanish, & Italian cuisine in a fine dining setting. The beautiful decor of th... More

La Spaghettata

This traditional venue provides a warm and welcoming setting that can also cater for large groups. Owner (and patriarch) Tony Cattafi và his wife Giovanna, have not let the years inhibit their p... More

La Mome

Set on the 49th floor of the Nassima Royal Hotel, La Mome is a restaurant that has been built in a way that is good enough lớn take guests back to the Paris of the 1950s. For some, this place is n... More





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