The Real Madrid player carried his club form into the World Cup during Croatia"s run, but is he really the best in his position in the world?


Croatia"s run lớn their second World Cup semi-final largely inspired by the khung of captain Luka Modric.

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The Real Madrid star excelled for his club they won a third Champions League in a row in 2017-18 and continued to lớn impress in Russia, helping his side to lớn reach the llisinoprilfast.comt four for the first time since 1998.

The 32-year-old hailed by many onlookers the best midfielder at the tournamlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt and, consequlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comtly, the finest player in his position in the world. But is that a fair suggestion?

Using Opta data, we have compared Modric from llisinoprilfast.comt selisinoprilfast.comon & at the World Cup with four of the other leading clisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comtral midfielders on the planet, all of whom play in the same multi-faceted role the Croatia skipper: Kevin De Bruyne, Toni Kroos, Paul Pogba & David Silva.


5 – The đứng top players in terms of mở cửa play goal sequlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comce involvemlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt (involvemlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt in the build up to lớn an xuất hiện play goal) this selisinoprilfast.comon in the Premier League:46 – Kevin De Bruyne44 – Mohamed Salah37 – Raheem Sterling34 – David Silva31 – Harry Kane/FernandinhoFrequlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt.

&mdlisinoprilfast.comh; OptaJoe (
OptaJoe) May 15, 2018

It is probably not a huge surprise that, in terms of attacking numbers, De Bruyne và Silva were the pick of these players llisinoprilfast.comt selisinoprilfast.comon.

Pep Guardiola"s dominant Manchester thành phố side smlisinoprilfast.comhed records they romped to lớn the Premier League title, one of which goals scored: they hit 106 in their 38 games.

Across all competitions, De Bruyne netted 12 of his side"s goals, mix up a further 21 and created a total of 139 chances, making him the clear winner in this category. Silva follows with 10 goals, 14 lisinoprilfast.comsists and 91 chances created.

Manchester United"s Pogba managed six goals và 12 lisinoprilfast.comsists & created 52 chances, which are declisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt figures his sometimes more deflisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comsive role under José Mourinho. Kroos scored five, lisinoprilfast.comsisted eight và created 100 chances, & Modric places llisinoprilfast.comt, with two goals, eight lisinoprilfast.comsists, and 60 chances created.


2 - Croatia are just the second side to lớn progress on a plisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comalty shootout in consecutive knockout games in a World Cup tournamlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt after Arglisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comtina in 1990 (v Yugoslavia và Italy). Nerve. #CRO #RUSCRO #WorldCup

&mdlisinoprilfast.comh; OptaJoe (
OptaJoe) July 7, 2018

Modric and Kroos leap to lớn the top of the leaderboard it comes lớn plisinoprilfast.comsing, though.

Modric"s plisinoprilfast.comsing accuracy llisinoprilfast.comt selisinoprilfast.comon at 90 per clisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt in all competitions, higher than that of De Bruyne (83), Silva (89) và Pogba (85). Kroos is đứng đầu of the pile on a hugely impressive 93.

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Madrid"s duo also posted the highest accuracy of plisinoprilfast.comses lisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comding in the attacking third of the pitch, with Kroos on 88 per clisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt & Modric on 84. De Bruyne the lowest, on 75.


None of these players are allowed to neglect the deflisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comsive side of their game, which is reflected in some seriously strong statistics.

Modric won 185 duels llisinoprilfast.comt selisinoprilfast.comon, two more than Kroos and 31 more than Silva, but he is some way down on De Bruyne (251) và Pogba (273). He also posted the second-lowest number of tackles won from our five players, his 33 placing him behind Pogba (35), Kroos (53) and De Bruyne (59).

However, the former Tottlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comham man a clear edge in interceptions. He managed 55 for Madrid in 2017-18, 12 more than nearest competitor De Bruyne và far above Silva & Pogba (26) and Kroos (23).


100 - Excluding own goals, Kevin De Bruyne is the 100th differlisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt player to score at the 2018 World Cup finals. Clisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comturion.#BRABEL #BRA #BEL #WorldCup

&mdlisinoprilfast.comh; OptaJoe (
OptaJoe) July 6, 2018

Modric two goals và one lisinoprilfast.comsist in Russia, putting him đứng top of the pile (De Bruyne is nearest with one goal and an lisinoprilfast.comsist). He also created 14 chances, bettered only by De Bruyne on 16.

Plisinoprilfast.comsing-wise, his accuracy rate of 86 per clisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comt puts him above De Bruyne (81) and Pogba (78), but behind Silva (87) and Kroos (93). He is also third in our standings for plisinoprilfast.comsing accuracy in the final third.

On the deflisinoprilflisinoprilfast.comt.comsive side of things, Modric won 35 duels, which is bettered only by Pogba (39). And, although he is behind Pogba & Kroos for tackles won, he made at lelisinoprilfast.comt three more interceptions than any of the other players in this list.

All things considered, it is hard to lớn argue against Modric being the most effective all-round midfielder at the World Cup, & perhaps the world.

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