So, you have an iPhone 11 Pro, in either its regular or large size, do you? Well, you’ll want to lớn keep it safe from damage – it’s an expensive piece of kit which deserves protection.

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Not least because, as táo regularly points out, iPhones keep their value better than many smartphones so when the time comes lớn snag your next cellphone, you’ll be glad you kept the current one pristine.

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What kind of case bởi vì you want? A folio that wraps round the front and offers full protection and perhaps room for some credit cards? A case that fits the back only, perhaps matched with a screen protector? A sleeve so when it rings, you can slide your iPhone out và use it, you know, nude?

If you choose a case for protecting the case, vì chưng you want something transparent to lớn show off the phone’s demure but beautiful color? All four of Apple’s chosen shades this year – space gray, silver, gold & midnight green – are worth looking at.

And just how clumsy are you? Some of the best cases offer remarkable levels of shock protection.

Read on for the best cases you can buy right now.

The deals highlighted within this post were independently selected by the Contributor và do not contain affiliate links.

Best protective cases

Mous Limitless 3.0 Aramid Fibre case


Mous Limitless 3.0

iPhone 11 Pro From $49.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max $54.99

Mous uses its amazingly effective AiroShock impact protection system so that you can drop your iPhone from a ridiculous height (though, please, don’t go out of your way to vì this, will you?) và it will still be safe. The Aramid Fibre version looks particularly spiffy (costs $5 extra) but all of them are super-protective.

The top và bottom edges are slightly raised so even if it falls flat on its face, you should be fine. There are other neat features in these cases. You know the sim tray removal tool you thua on day one? There’s a perfectly sized slot inside lớn keep it safe.

And if you have several sim cards, there’s a tiny tray for one of those inside as well. Mous also makes excellent tempered glass screen protectors lớn handle the front of the phone & other cases in the range, lượt thích the Clarity, below, are also excellent.

Gear4 Battersea


Gear4 Battersea

iPhone 11 Pro $49.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max $49.99

D3O is a remarkable material. It’s what’s known as a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that it behaves in a particular way. What’s relevant here is that when it gets hit, this soft, pliable material becomes hard in an instant, dissipating the energy of the impact harmlessly. It’s a lightweight material that is usually, though not always, orange in color.

Here, it’s hidden inside the Battersea case which comes in two colors, black & light pink. The D3O is orange in the black case, pink in the pink.This particular one has extra levels of D3O so it’s extra safe. Even if dropped from a height of 16 feet, the phone inside will stay safe.

Best transparent cases

Apple Clear Case

Apple"s own iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case


iPhone 11 Pro $39

iPhone 11 Pro Max $39

Some transparent cases have colored edges, but the táo one is clear in every corner. The button covers are, as you’d expect, a perfect fit for the buttons underneath, pressing in with the right amount of resistance lớn make the experience pleasant. Of course, every other part of the case is the best fit, too.

But it’s the look and feel that make this case stand out. The polycarbonate looks great because it’s what táo apple calls optically clear, so whichever màu sắc of iPhone you plump for shines through. The case is scratch-resistant – in months of use this case hasn’t shown the tiniest blemish. Hãng apple says it won’t yellow over time, either. So far, I can confirm, that’s true.

It has a finish that is tactile and pleasing, reasonably easy to grip – it feels less likely to lớn slip from your hands than the iPhone 11 Pro on its own. On the other hand, Apple’s own silicone case, below, is even grippier.

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Casetify Impact Custom

iPhone 11 Pro $45

Casetify Custom case - địa chỉ cửa hàng up to 12 characters


iPhone 11 Pro Max $50

The back of this case is completely clear – unless you don’t want it to lớn be. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng text of up to 12 letters, for a start. These letters can be in one of eight styles and you can position them in four different layouts. You can change the colors of the lettering, too, & it’s all done in front of your eyes on the very intuitive Casetify website.

Even that isn’t all – you can choose the color of the frame around the phone. There are ten shades lớn pick from here. All come with the distinctive Casetify đen frame around the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera unit. This edging contains the Casetify’s qitech impact protection which keeps the phone safe when dropped from heights of up khổng lồ 6ft 6ins.

Incidentally, Casetify also makes a cool extra product: a UV Sanitizer which costs $120. Put your phone (and case) inside & it’s disinfected in seconds. Cảnh báo that it’s not tested khổng lồ be effective against COVID-19, but it’s a handy layer of protection. It also works as a wireless charging pad.

Mous Clarity

iPhone 11 Pro $49.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max $49.99 – currently $34.99

Mous Clarity transparent case for iPhone 11 Pro


The Mous Clarity pulls off the clever trick of continuing to lớn be a super-protective case but having a fully transparent back. It still uses AiroShock impact protection & has the same subtly raised edges in the corners lớn keep the phone safe even if it falls face down. But the edges away from the corners are lower, making it easier lớn swipe right to the edges.

The back has a feel that’s less glossy than it looks, making it harder for it to lớn slip out of your hand in the first place. Anti-yellowing protection is built in so that it doesn’t fade or look less than immaculate as time goes by. The black glossy edging may not be lớn everyone’s taste but it’s a solid màu sắc that frames the phone well.

Best Folios

Apple Leather Folio iPhone 11 Pro in Peacock color


Apple Leather Folio

iPhone 11 Pro $129

iPhone 11 Pro Max $129

Apple’s folio is luxurious và appealing with a perfect fit, of course. Và it does something that pretty much every other folio doesn’t: it’s a smart folio so it puts the screen lớn sleep as you close it, & wakes it as you mở cửa it. This useful feature sets it apart.

The soft microfiber lining is also attractive và ensures there’s no damage done to the phone inside the case. The plastic case that holds the phone tight also offers protection, though there’s no impact tech here. Lượt thích many folios, there’s storage for banknotes and credit cards so you may not need to lớn carry a separate wallet. It used to lớn come in two colors, black và aubergine, but three more have just been added: peacock, deep sea blue & raspberry.

Lucrin Custom wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro in red smooth leather


Lucrin Custom Wallet Case

iPhone 11 Pro $119

iPhone 11 Pro Max $119

The delicious Lucrin folio covers have spectacularly good build unique and offer superb protection. The case can be mix up in a video mode, that is, so the screen can be put in a fixed angle for easy viewing. When you buy from Lucrin, it’s good to lớn know your mind: there’s just so much choice.

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For a start, there’s a total of 57 different colors across five different leathers (smooth, granulated & three premium materials: vegetable tanned leather, crocodile style calfskin và real ostrich leather). Some of these attract extra costs – ostrich leather is $90 extra. There are several customization options such as choosing the thread color. Instead of matching the leather, you can choose unbleached thread, mouse-grey, sun yellow, turquoise or royal blue, which costs $19.90. For the same extra, you can remove the Lucrin hình ảnh sản phẩm (hint: it’s an attractive logo, so I wouldn’t).

Oh, & you can monogram the case, as well, with characters ($30) or a biểu tượng logo ($300). There’s a single sleeve pocket for cash or cards. Lucrin’s choice may be almost dizzying but the quality is excellent throughout. The look is outstanding and the feel consistently rich and sumptuous.

Oh, and if you haven’t had enough choices to consider, Lucrin also makes a slim wallet case, several pouches & sleeves (see below), zipped pouch, belt case và a back cover. Not to lớn mention a leather pop socket.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet in Navy


iPhone 11 Pro $36.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max $37.99

For a more affordable folio, British company Snakehive makes a great selection of wallets with classic look. They are hand-made from full-grain cowhide nubuck leather with a matte finish. The plastic case inside holds the phone secure and, like the Lucrin above, can be positioned so the phone is angled just right for đoạn clip playback.

There are a handful of colors lớn choose from, including a fetching bottle green và tasty-looking plum. The front of the wallet has a sleeve for notes và three credit card pockets. You can also personalize the case with two letters in a choice of four colors including ambient gold. A small leather clasp sits across the edge of the phone to lớn hold it shut magnetically.

Best rear cases


Peel Jet white iPhone 11 Pro case


The best for thinness

iPhone 11 Pro $29

iPhone 11 Pro Max $29

Peel’s cases are amazing. So slim (around a third of a millimeter) and such a perfect fit, you’ll think you’re using it without a case. It’s smooth và glossy or smooth và matte, depending on which you choose. The case is miễn phí from any branding và some versions let the táo bị cắn dở logo shine through.

For a completely logo-free look, choose the gorgeous Blackout, Midnight Green or Jet trắng options. The fit doesn’t creep round lớn the front of the phone, so it’s worth pairing it with a screen protector, which Peel also sells. Peel has also just released a strong grip case which is more protective và fits very snugly.

Apple silicone case

Apple iPhone 11 Pro silicone case surf blue


The best for grip

iPhone 11 Pro $39

iPhone 11 Pro Max $39

The silicone iPhone case from táo apple won’t slip out of your hand easily. There are now 13 colors to choose from, including three new ones just released: raspberry, grapefruit và surf blue. The others range from the understated such as black, white và midnight blue to funkier shades like pomegranate & a very zesty clementine.

There’s also PRODUCT(RED) & each purchase of this means money will go toward the fight against COVID-19. The button covers fit the buttons underneath just right and, like all cases here, you can wirelessly charge the phone without removing it from the case.

Tech21 Evo Check

Tech21 Evo kiểm tra in Coral My World color


The best for hygiene

iPhone 11 Pro $39.95

iPhone 11 Pro Max $39.95

Tech21 has strong impact protection but the Evo check has another trick up its sleeve: anti-microbial protection to lớn help you have a hygienic phone. If nothing else, it’s a timely addition. You can drop the phone from heights of 12 feet without the phone suffering damage.

There are four colors to choose from: Coral My World, Smokey Black, Indigo and Orchid. Plus, the buttons that cover the side và volume buttons of the phone come in two colors. One matches the rest of the case, the other is a contrast. Choose whichever you prefer.

Casetify Custom Compostable Case

Casetify Custom Compostable iPhone 11 Pro Case


The best for green credentials

iPhone 11 Pro $45

iPhone 11 Pro Max $50

As you can tell from the alliterative title, this case decomposes over time so it’s eco-friendly. It’s made from a bamboo-based material, biopolymers & starches from natural resources. What’s more, Casetify plants a tree for each of these cases sold. There is no new plastic in the case but it still offers decent impact protection, Casetify says.

There are plenty of colors available và each case is customizable with u to 15 characters in a range of striking styles. When the case breaks down it turns into carbon dioxide, water và other natural minerals with no toxins left behind. Even the packaging is recyclable.

Best sleeves

Lucrin Classic case for iPhone 11 Pro


Lucrin Classic Sleeve

iPhone 11 Pro From $79

iPhone 11 Pro Max From $69

Lucrin’s sleeves are sensational. Lượt thích the folios above, that’s down lớn the impeccable quality, perfect fit and mind-blowing level of choices in colors. The Classic Sleeve has enough grip lớn hold the iPhone in place, but enough give to mean it can make a swift exit with minimal pressure. Over time, the leather stretches lớn make this even easier, though it remains a good fit.

Although the leather lacks the impact protection of some cases here, it’s enough to lớn keep the phone safe in everyday use. The Lucrin site also reveals other variations on the sleeve: there’s the Case with Pull Tab from $89, Pouch with Pocket from $109 which has room for a credit card, the Pouch, which has openings on the top and side so the phone slides out diagonally (from $75) và the Protection Case which comes with a notch at the base so you can push the phone upwards, also from $75.

Sena Ultraslim Case

Sena Ultraslim Case for iPhone 11 Pro in Tan


iPhone 11 Pro $39.95

iPhone 11 Pro Max $39.95

Sena’s sleeve cases are classics: the super-soft leather that is protective but still gives the phone a slim profile is matched by the soft microfiber lining which keeps the phone scratch-free. The kiến thiết is subtle and understated. Lượt thích the Lucrin, it ages well with both the appearance & fit gently changing over time.

You can personalize the case with initials or one of 20 icons. The icons include a golf club, USA hình ảnh or Best Mom legend. Choose from a colorless stamp, silver foil or gold foil for your personalization, which costs và extra $12.99.

Other variations include a wallet case which includes a pocket for a single card, or a bundle that provides a screen protector, too. Choose from black, tan và red finishes.

Best battery case

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case in pink sand


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case $129

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case $129

Apple’s case has the same excellent grip-friendly feel as the silicone case. Its battery is smart so your iPhone knows when it’s attached, and displays onscreen how much juice is left in the internal and external batteries. There’s more. You charge the case with the same Lightning cable used for the phone, so you don’t have khổng lồ fumble for a different cable or take it off khổng lồ charge it. The iPhone 11 Pro and Max are both wireless-chargeable, but the case is way too thick for the phone to be able to recognize it, right? Yes, right, except this battery case is wireless-chargeable, too!

Finally, there’s one more special extra that helps justify the price of this case: an indented button in the long edge works as a camera trigger. One quick press takes a photo, a longer press shoots a video.

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